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Fireside Patio Mats warrants the products you purchased from us to be free from defects in both materials and workmanship for 30 days from the date of purchase. The purchaser is entitled to replacement of his/her Fireside Patio Mat in accordance with the following procedures:

  • Your defective or unwanted mat must be returned to our warehouse, with a copy of our Return Form stating reason for dissatisfaction or list the defects that are present (please fill in our Return Form).
  • Upon inspection by our warehouse staff of the returned merchandise, unit must fail to perform or be defective as described.
  • Any products that fail beyond the 30 day warranty period but prior to one year after the sale date can be exchanged for a new unit at 50% of the current retail price PLUS shipping and the customer must return the old unit at our discretion and cover the shipping to have that unit returned to us.
  • Any refunds given because the item is unwanted after purchase but within 30 days from the purchase date will be given in the full amount you paid LESS any shipping and handling fees you paid. Shipping fees paid are not refundable.
  • For any Canadian order returns, customs fees are not refundable.
  • Returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee. This fee may be waived at our discretion.
  • If an exchange is granted but the desired unit is out of stock, an alternative and equal replacement may be suggested. If the suggested unit is not satisfactory, we will refund your money in lieu of the exchange.
  • We CANNOT accept any returns to our warehouse without advance notice. Any merchandise returned to our warehouse without advance notice will go untracked or lost and a refund or exchange will not be provided.
  • We WILL NOT refund any double mat purchases due to color variations. If you buy 2 mats at once to increase your under-awning/patio area, it is likely the two mats of the same style and color description that we send you will not perfectly match each other as every lot of mats we sell may be a slightly different shade than the lot previously manufactured. We will not offer refunds for purchases that involve color variations unless there is a notable defect in the coloring process.


Problem: You purchased two of the same 9x12 mats expecting to butt them up against one another to increase your patio area and notice the mats do not match - one mat is a darker blue than the other.

Solution: You can return each mat if it is within the 30 day warranty period but you will lose the shipping fees. If you want an exchange of one mat to attempt to get it to match the other that was previously purchased but not returned, you will have to pay additional shipping fees.

Problem: You purchased a 9x12 mat last week and when you opened it you noticed a hole in the seam.

Solution: Depending on the size of the defect we may (upon furnished proof) offer you a deep discount in the form of a refund to keep the mat you have and use it as is or you can pay the shipping to return the mat to us and we will send you a new mat in it's place.

Problem: You bought a mat 5 months ago and your dog chewed a hole in it.

Solution: You can pay the shipping to return the mat to us and we will send you a new mat for 50% of the retail price PLUS the full shipping cost.

Problem: You bought a mat from a retail store and want to return it to us due to a defect.

Solution: You must take the situation up with the retailer you purchased the mat from and we then will deal directly with the retailer. If we don't directly sell you the mat we cannot refund your money or offer an exchange. We have no record of sale in this situation and cannot confirm your purchase date or purchase price.

Problem: You purchased a 9x12 mat last week and once you opened it you realized you should have purchased the larger 9x18 mat.

Solution: You can pay the shipping to return your mat to us if it is within the 30 day warranty period but you will lose the shipping fees. You will also have to pay an additional shipping charge for us to re-ship the new mat to you as well as any differences in price between the two mats. We only charged you to ship one mat out, not two. Shipping is expensive and we need to account for double-shipped orders.




To return merchandise, please follow these instructions carefully.

Please be familiar with our Return Policy and Warranty above. Customers who want a return for whatever reason must let us know about the return in advance. Please call or email us to discuss the problem.

Please pack the merchandise you are returning to us in an appropriate box, preferably the original box it came in if you still have it available and if it is suitable for what needs to be returned. Add any labels or a copy of the receipt you were given.

Download our Return Form and fill out the information. Return this form along with the product(s) being returned.

We CANNOT accept returns unless we are notified of the return in advance via phone or email.

Place the completed return form on top of the item that is being returned inside the box. We MUST have a copy of our return form along with your items. Our return form allows our warehouse to track your order and send a replacement or refund your money as soon as your original (defective or unwanted) mat arrives back in stock.

All returned merchandise must be sent to the following address:

Fireside Patio Mats


5555 W. Linebaugh Ave. Ste. H

Tampa, FL 33624

Phone: 866-697-8628

NOTE: Our warehouse will not accept packages marked “bill receiver” or “COD”. Any packages marked as such will be refused and sent back to you.


Customers are required to pay any shipping and handling fees that are incurred to send items back to us. We will pay for the shipping back to you in cases where defective merchandise was sent to you. If the merchandise you originally purchased is unwanted for whatever reason, you are also responsible to pay additional shipping fees to have the merchandise returned back to you in the even you want an exchange.


As soon as your item arrives back in stock it will be inspected for defects and noted and assuming the defects mentioned are present, a new mat will be sent promptly or a refund will be provided depending on the particular circumstances. In certain circumstances you may be required to pay additional shipping charges as outlined above.

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