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Fireside Patio Mats has been involved with designing and selling popular recreational mats since 2004. With very humble beginnings, we mainly resold mats part time on eBay and at flea markets. As business grew over the years, we've cut out any middle men that were involved with our business and started producing designs ourselves in order to bring to market patterns and styles of mats that customers really wanted. As our product line grew so did our customer base. Before we knew it we had lots and lots of different patterns and quickly became the largest distributor of these type of mats in the country.

In the beginning we hit the local flea markets and sold mats on eBay to survive. It was nice "hitting the streets" where we gained lots of input directly from our customers. We've designed many of our mats directly from customer requests.

Today we have our own warehouse facility in Tampa, Florida where we store truckloads of mats at a time. We sell our mats to thousands of customers in the US and Canada through our web site and also wholesale to hundreds of dealers.

Although we've grown quite significantly over the years, we pride ourselves on remaining a small company with humble beginnings and will never forget from our beginning eBay days how important each and every individual customer really is to our business. Whether you purchase one mat from us at a time or 3000, we value your business.

We would like to thank our customers for their continued support and hope each of you will find our products to be extremely useful and affordable.

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